Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July in Oktober: Old Songs, New Songs-- 7/3

Here's the first new song of the season. I've written about weather disasters before, but from a different POV. Here's hoping our friends in Colorado, and other afflicted areas, are all safe, and suffer little loss.

The Next Hot Day

grey-green scent of rain
drifting from the pane
slides over my shoulder
moves in curious waves
relief is coming
hear the twitching in the breeze
relief is coming
in motes of some lost sea
tense and eager stems
slurry down crude streams
peeling off the messages
baked onto their skin
relief is coming
see the scorched and haggard smile
relief is coming
for too short a while
relief is coming
hear the twitching of the breeze
relief is coming
but not for free

© 2012 by Mari Kozlowski


Written in FAWM 2010, this was influenced by the experience of my next door neighbors-- inspired by, but not truly about them. Tough moments most of us will have to live through. I can't find the recording I made, though....


for the fourth time
she had seen him
steal a hard breath
when he thought her head was turned away

they were only in their 60's
time to travel
time to explore the world
they'd been too busy for

their 3 children lived in cities
far from the village
they were born in

and the call to hear
their father's final word
was a solid inconvenience

she stood outside
watching the oldest try
a pretense of cheer
covering impatience

the idea was put forth at the funeral
You know, Mom, someone really should

take care of you
this place is clean and nice, i stopped

there on the way in
we should take a guided tour, soon

her memory is a mirror now
she sees just what she did
and wishes she could
take some back

but she moves along
as he urged her
in the moment
when they separated

© 2010 by Mari Kozlowski

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