Monday, April 29, 2013

Reality Bites-- NetSpend vs The Little People

 Tax Issues!

 After waiting 25 business days for a refund check that was supposed to arrive in 20, we called NetSpend last Tuesday to find out where the hell our refund was.

 They hadn't processed it. Oh good. Because it wasn't bad enough that both TurboTax and NetSpend had misrepresented the so-called convenience of the tax product to begin, resulting in us having to go through three companies (and five phone calls) to have them promise to mail us out a check for the full amount owed, rather than us using the convenient little card they had sent. A card that adds to the ease of spending your needed refund from Uncle Sam by taking some of it as soon you activate the card; then again every time you withdraw any cash, use the card as a credit card, or complete certain other types of transactions. There are no free withdrawals even from approved ATMs, and you get to pay any individual ATM-assigned charges as well. Plus a monthly fee.

In other words, they aim to take at least 20 percent off the top, if they can. Which is not how their service was presented in brochure form, believe me.

We asked to have this process stopped and to receive our refund the old fashioned way, in a check, and they botched that up and never sent it. Now, having told us last week they would call us on Friday to discuss what they'd found out, they're telling us no, they've just processed our check and we need to be patient, and hope the damn check gets here by late May.

 This is what you call bad business. The hubby-man is on the phone now with the fifth person in an hour, after having been kicked off the system when he was supposed to have been transferred to a supervisor. They are giving him apologies and no help. There is no excuse for this kind of bullshit.

 And the worst part is, we get our refund done in February, no waiting, no procrastination. And here we're in the same boat as those poor bastards that did it last minute a couple weeks ago.

 No, the worst part is, we need that refund for house repairs and other important details that have gone undone, and we are facing accumulated excess costs and a lack of time, now, to get things accomplished before my upcoming surgery. They have jerked us around repeatedly, costing us time, money, stress.

And they don't seem to see that overnighting a check today is not a Herculean task for them, but a simple way to make things right. At this point, a decent company would seek not only to satisfy us, but seek to make some small form of reparation.

 I would suggest to all my friends and acquaintances, to spare yourselves the financial and physical headaches associated with this charlatan of a company. Avoid NetSpend, please help your friends and family to avoid them as well.

 As of this publication, they have not finished messing with us, or attempted ANY customer service beyond a lame apology. They should be ashamed of themselves.

 I wish them no peace.


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