Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reality Intervenes-- Day 30! The End of Daily Life as Blog Knows It.

 This last day of my daily-life blog experiment is a relief.

 My life always sounded more interesting on paper, but not when going day by day. At this stage of healing, when I am leaving the house mainly for writing group activities or shopping, what is there to tell? Do you care what I've read, eaten, thought? If I don't, why should you?

 Yesterday's phone marathon of evil made G-man sick, so sick I called him in sick for work today, knowing that his body would need time to return to normal. he's sleeping off the ill effects of dealing with NetSpend, and I'm only hoping he'll be able to eat some chicken soup later.

Meanwhile, I have things to contemplate-- on May 29, I will have my womb and a few associated girl parts cut from me, and that means a load of preparation is needed. With any surgery there are risks, and I can't let my lack of fear (so far!) keep me from making sure that I leave my house in order. Failing some horrible fuckup, I will still need care and help, and food and comfort. The fridge and freezer should be stocked, the laundry should be caught up on, the crack in the foundation should fixed-- that last will be hard to do, since our tax refund didn't come in in time (see yesterday's post).
Likewise, the garden plans I had aren't going to happen now, and I won't be getting my little country guitar restrung before recovery.

Let me say that, as someone living in recovery already, looking towards a new, weaker, more painful recovery period does not thrill me. The prospect of hobbling to the loo again needing help, does not thrill me. The worry that insurance and Medicaid might not cover every cost is my real fear.

 The only good part of this is, on one side, there is blood; on the far side of recovery, that will be ended. And maybe I'll channel some of that post-menopausal zest I've heard so much about.

 May, hours away, is still in fog; I cannot see what will happen here, but it probably involves fiction on a weekly basis. My original idea of joining the story-a-day challenge will, I can feel, be too stressful. A weekly short-short could work. I'll decide tomorrow.

Meanwhile-- if, for some crazy reason, you have some extra cash to throw at a good cause, here's the perfect thing:


"The family and friends of Marta are raising funds to help with bills during the recovery time after surgery, when she won't receive a salary."

 As of now she is dealing with chemo and its associated trials and losses. Marta is a writer, artist, and all-around superb person, and I urge you to check out her Etsy shop, her blog, her author page on facebook, and her Journey through the Carcinoma Wonderland page on FB. If you google her name, you'll see her mentioned in other people's blogs and shops, because her art is as tender and witty as she is; she's also wickedly funny and not afraid to stare into the eyes of a dragon. And as of now she is dealing with chemo and its associated trials and losses, and telling anyone who needs to know, exactly what that involves.

 Help support the arts in an absolutely fantastic way-- give for Marta, who deserves it. 

 And may your last day of April be green and growing.

 See you in May-- Mari

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