Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oktober The Nineteenth: Radiant

Not much to say about this... I'll think of something later. It's short, and not so sweet but as of now, I like it.

 Peace, Mari



By Mari Kozlowski

"Smile for me, okay, Jill?"

 She did it, and Heather brushed her own signature peachy-pink wedding day blusher blend onto the skinny apples of the girl's sallow cheeks. Well, sallow before Heather had gotten at her. Now she glowed, dewy and delicate, innocently sumptuous as only a bride can be.

 Heather knew it was because the bitches made their best-looking friends wear hideous bridesmaid dresses in garish colors that would mess up anyone's complexion, guaranteed. It was an unwritten rule that all brides intuited about five minutes after they got the engagement ring. And it made Heather's job easier. She created one beauty queen for the day, who ran unopposed in her own rented church. Making her stand out was simple, and lucrative.

 Jill's lips were a trifle thin. Heather lined them in a pale flesh tone, then applied a pearly pink lipstick to fill them out, blending in a touch of deeper pink just in the middle to make them seem fuller. A dab of clear gloss enhanced that, and the primer underneath it all would help it last through pictures, ceremony and kisses in the receiving line.

 She always gave her brides a bag of touch-up makeup in sample sizes, too. It was part of the service, and helped keep her work looking good for the other prospective brides to see; often, one of those poor bridesmaids was the next to call and book a consult with her. They wanted to lock in the magic that had made their "less attractive" friend into the radiant belle of the ball. Then they went and picked out their own version of hideous gowns for their own attendants. It was an unspoken collusion between the brides and the dress designers, and it kept Heather's ball rolling, too.

 She put the finishing gleam of highlighter on Jill's browbone and shoulders, checked the overall impression, and handed her a mirror. Jill looked herself over, smiling wider and wider.

"You're gorgeous, Jill. You're gonna knock that man off his cummerbund."

"I am." Jill sounded astonished. She beamed at her own beauty in the handheld mirror, then stood up and pulled off the protective smock to see the whole look in the large mirror attached to the vanity.
"I feel like an Empress."

"You deserve to, right?" Heather said. "This is your day."

"I do deserve it. You did a fantastic job, Heather, Thank you so much!"

 Jill hugged her and slipped her an extra tip. On top on the fee, it was generous. Lavish even.

 "You' ll be the most stunning woman there, and that's just proper." Heather told her client. "Oh-- you did say it was okay to leave a few of my business cards at the reception, didn't you?"

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