Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oktober the Twenty-Second: Another Drop in the Bucket

There are days when I lose patience with the animals with whom I share a home.

 Peace, Mari

Another Drop in the Bucket

By Mari Kozlowski

"Jesus, you had to do that there, didn't you? Now I have two rooms full of your mess to clean up before I even have coffee.  If you didn't eat so fast, you might not get sick all over the place, you furry bastard."

 She knelt down and swished a rag in the bucket to mix the cleaning fluid and the water, then put a long yellow rubber glove on. The cat came up from behind and rubbed her ankle with his face, marking her as his... his maid, his cook, his masseuse.

 "Watch it, Marcus. You're tickling me." 

The cat sniffed her toes and left. He liked being in the way when she cleaned, but he didn't seem to like the orange smell of the cleaning solution. Maybe he'd even avoid that area in future, if she was lucky.

 "Fine with me," she said, and started wiping down the floor where the vomit had dried on before she'd found it. It was stuck in the fibers of the rug, which made for hard work scrubbing it out.

 A small commotion in the hallway made her look up, and there was her husband, looking down and holding his mouth.

 "Honey, could you please carry a bowl around with you while you're sick? I'd like to not spend my whole day cleaning puke."

 "Sorry." he said.

"It's okay, just try not to make it worse. Are you feeling any better now?"

 "Don't know. Were you asking me something a minute ago? I thought I heard you say something"

 "Must have been hallucinating, hon."

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