Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oktober the Twenty-Fifth: Patterns


By Mari Kozlowski

White roses in the heel of a shoe... bland and matrimonial, maybe, but it works. Interesting, putting those pumps together with the trippy orange shorts. I could go somewhere with that..

"Malyssa, have you FINISHED that goddam basting?"

 "Two minutes, Elena."

"Make it one or you're fired. I'm sick of your shit."

 I could walk out, and she'd be fucked with her second biggest client. Fucked.

 "Here you go. Jersey isn't behaving..."

 "Excuses? Get going on the lace inserts for the long skirt. I need it in half an hour for a private showing, and Zubari screwed it up. She's history here."

 I'd never get my own label, if I fucked her over. She gets to treat me like a slave, because I want what she has. She does.

 She does for now.

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