Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Skies: Going all poet on ya.

Since I stumbled, just now, onto an FB share by fellow writer, musician, and wonderful collaborator Songsville, that tells me of NaPoWriMo, I have to try. for one, my songs seem to have stolen my formerly quick-flowing poetry, and for another, I've been sick inside for a week and can use a nudge to get my routines back.

 So: Poems everyday till the end of the month. No promises as to the quality!

I'll stop overdoing it when I catch up.  Ta, Mari.

untitled 1


In uncut grass

The small, fertile mind of the rabbit

Creates faith

In a warm, safe spot

Another taste of new green or yellow

Without the feel

Of cat’s teeth on his neck

Or the frightening slam of a car door.

The next leap takes him there.


On Chopin’s “The Awakening”

Ellipses scattered under her sentences

Fixing spots on an emptiness

Of the imagination

A failure to see where a woman alone

Might swim to

Where a woman alone in the world

Might write, without apology

  by MK


Songsville said...
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heavy hedonist said...

Your mum is cool-- loved the way she works in the meta-fantastic realm.

Songsville said...

Hey, we have rabbit fencing now but there is still one around somewhere ... we call him the Lone Ranger ... I love that 'next leap' line and the 'fertile mind' ...

I did a load of junk poems yesterday to catch up -- my mum told me about all this