Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poem a day? Four catches me up.

I'm in a Haiku mood, today.

melon in white bowl
gathering juice pools beneath
wet treats, Spring evening.


lone crow rides the fence
issuing sharp challenges
to the empty field.


a swaying mem'ry--
industrious bee works on
freshly hung laundry


blue or brown eyelash
silly choice, silly reasons
marketed time-suck.


by MK


Songsville said...

Just one of my favourite haikus ever!

He's 'lone' and 'riding' like a cowboy. And he comes over like a retired colonel who's gone a bit soft in the head ... 'issuing' is perfect ...

heavy hedonist said...

Thank you! I rather like the image myself-- luckily, the crow in question gave me the idea.