Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inspired by pictures from


wayward as old fingernails
but fringed in newest green
the oaks of Dalkeith
lovely in decay
give up their hollow hearts
as homes for the woodland

Inspired by pictures at Writer Unboxed on FB:


Your picture of a cordovan chair
And the elegant desk lamp in a deep corner office
Sets a mood. It's writerly, grown-up
A place for serious work.

My space, a white table looking out towards a field
Wouldn't show through the frame--
All you'd see
Would be rabbits, chickadees, and grass.


Inspired by a picture I painted, that was stolen:


The art of instruction
Shouldn't include
The sort of nepotism
Or unstable morality
That let our our lab fees
Pay her cousins to pose, fully clothed
For our figure painting sessions

The lines of thigh or breast
Corrupted, contained by spandex, by sweat pants
By a white cotton tee
I focused on while his back
Faced me, grey tag sticking out
Against his hairless neck.
You admired the point of view
While avoiding my brushstrokes and questions.
But I learned
Not to lend canvas
To you

by MK

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