Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rising Late


If I were folded
behind my stone, cool and alone
wrapped against decay
in sweet linens, mouth stuffed with herbs
and a ferryman's penny holding the shutters closed
unable to see the wreck of the world
I think I'd ignore
a call to rise.

early gift

rice cakes, tea, mangoes
a morning of surprises
left on the green tray

by MK


Songsville said...

I like the 'wreck of the world' and the 'ferryman's penny', and you paint a nice view of being mummified -- I guess it would be quite cosy -- for a while!

Mango on a rice cake sounds like a great taste combination ... and I can picture the green tray -- it's got a pattern on it too, also green, and it's little bit 1970s ... a surprise haiku breakfast in bed ...

heavy hedonist said...

a surprise haiku breakfast in bed... i like that. i may use that....