Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Based on a true story.


i circled, on my bike
you standing rigid in a hat, and open jacket
expectant, miffed
thinking i was crazy not to know
who you were

but the time we'd been apart
was a mystery i had no name for

i still can't be sure
if someone was sick or
you were visiting relatives, states away

you'd gone, like a a movie i saw
once on a Sunday afternoon
and couldn't find again

for weeks or months
i called at your door, your mother
sticking her head out, saying
you weren't back

looking at me with a look that said
you might not come back

at seven, i couldn't handle it
and when you were there, suddenly
dressed in clothes i'd never seen

i wanted my best friend back so shaking hard
it would have killed me, if i'd been wrong

by MK

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