Sunday, April 22, 2012

Begin the Beguine

Or maybe I meant to say, Bed the Bedouin. Not sure, but I watched a movie, in Farsi, yesterday, and my head has been swirling with the beguiling mysteries of Middle Eastern ways, not to mention foods. Whereas Begin the Beguine is based on Caribbean influences, I think. (Yes, it is-- check it out here). I like fried plaintains, but rice pudding with rosewater kicks any banana's ass.

What I do know is that I keep falling bee-hind; but then, I catch up. Here's one for yesterday, and another for today.


Her Temple

Dim aromatics
oiled skin flowering unlit
beneath dark cotton

The Calls

in dropping your conversations, i see the lion that lives under
lamblights, your innocent faces, shake a mane like a boiled
river, balancing raggedy bones on his tongue; he neglects the young hiding in
grass for an hour of hotter sun, starving them weak, and
i knew you would not hear my reasons for silence over
the pounding of such a heart.

by MK


Songsville said...

the flowering unlit ... this little haiku encapsulates an entire Persian art movie ... very womanly stuff!

heavy hedonist said...

this is good news-- i often find my writing makes people think i'm a man. it happens constantly!